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Language Marketplace is a company with experience and a reputation you can trust!

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Why US

Customer driven

As a customer-driven language translation partner, Language Marketplace knows that you expect the best and we strive to exceed those expectations. Our Chicago translation services are tailored to address your needs and provide you with the best language translation solutions. You deserve to work with expert, responsive vendors, and Language Marketplace is unparalleled in meeting that challenge.

Knowledge & Service

Professional language translation agencies depend on teams of highly qualified translators, proof readers, and project coordinators. Language Marketplace goes beyond those boundaries by combining these attributes with two key fundamentals: knowledge and service. We coordinate hundreds of languages, and millions of words annually using a methodology that gives our customers peace of mind. Our credentials are among the best in the industry and we are certified to multiply translation service standards!

certified Translations

Certified to CGSB131.10 & EN15038 for Translation Services. These Standards are now used as a defining factor in determining if you are using a "trusted" translation provider.

All Languages

Language Marketplace translates over 140 languages ONLY using human translators who are certified and have a university education as mandated by our audited language translation certificate, EN 15038. We DO NOT perform machine transation services, even if requested.

Commitment to success

Language Marketplace is committed to continuously raising the bar in professional, affordable translation services in Chicago. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, as it is to our clients.

Our attributes are geared towards providing your organization with quality service to match the quality translations!

Our professional staff have some of the highest credentials in the industry. They abide by Professional Rules of Conduct and adhere to established workflow methodologies with stringent ongoing quality control.

ONLY business to business

Our two key focus areas are business and government institutions - we do not perform personal document translation for individuals.

Document Translation Experience

With experienced, tried and tested, in-house and freelance translators, we offer clients a quality translation service at fair prices. Language Marketplace recognizes that it is not just the word accuracy of a translation that is important but the cultural localization as well, something that only experienced native language translators can convey.


A different language is a different vision of life. ~Federico Fellini

"Once again you gals have impressed us with your fast turnaround and excellent French English Translation work. Even though French to English Translation is all I require, feel free to use us as a reference. Your a great company to work with!" more
Steve Beatty
SAB International Inc

“Ema; Your service will not be forgotten. THANKS SO MUCH and we'll tack onto the next bunch of work. Take care. ,...”
Eric LeMay,
National Sales Manager

"You have been very professional in your Translation Service and I have no doubts in recommending your services to anyone. Both your French to English Translation and English to French translation were phenomenal.
Take Care."
Dr.Kishore Parag

"Once again I would like to
thank you for your great work, you helped make a daunting task a resounding success. The conference interpreters and Brian in particular were great!"
Best wishes,

"I downloaded the files and they look great. Thank you (and your
translators) for all of the hard work to meet our deadline. This is phase 1 of a very large project and I'm sure we'll have a lot more work for you"
Burndsand & Associates

“Please excuse me for being so late in thanking you for the quick turnaround of the documents you translated for us. …”


If a language is corruptible, then a constitution written in that language is corruptible. ~Robert Brault

Chicago Translation

For Business and Government Agencies

We are a company with experience and a reputation you can trust!
• Fast & Knowledgeable Estimates!
• No hidden charges! Proofreading is included!
• Great personal service at cost-effective rates!
• Our quality reference list will give you peace of mind

Our Professional Chicago Translation Team

Our Chicago translators have impeccable linguistic credentials and years of experience in the Chicago translation industry. In addition, they have degrees or extensive experience in fields such as law, engineering, and medicine. Our translators work on projects that match their subject matter expertise to ensure the nuances of the Chicago are translated properly within a specific topic.


We consider accuracy a major benchmark to measure the quality of our work. Documents must be translated correctly to guarantee that the exact messages is conveyed and understood. This is especially important with technical and legal documents because of the serious consequences that might result if they are translated incorrectly. To achieve this we follow strict proofreading and editing procedures to ensure your text is accurately translated.

Quality Control

We have proven quality control procedures to ensure the quality of our Chicago translation service. Our work is always done by professional Chicago translators who follow stringent translation, proofreading, editing, and formatting procedures. During this process, team members cross-check each other's work.

At no time is freedom of speech more precious than when a man hits his thumb with a hammer. ~Marshall Lumsden

Certified Translation Services!

Language Marketplace is certifed to both EN 15038 and CGSB131.10 -both for Translation Services.

The EN 15038 standard also aims to unify the terminology used in the translation field, define basic minimum requirements for quality translation language services, and create a framework for the interaction between customers and service providers in terms of their rights and obligations.  

Compliance with this standard involves a systematic approach to service provisions (as with ISO 9001), with continuous improvement mechanisms. It requires regular audits by a certification body. There are also provisions specific to translation such as the choice and testing of translators and the combination of services that ensure a quality translation.


As an example, a translation conforming to EN 15038 is performed by two independent translators. One performs the initial translation while another revises the text, comparing source and target languages for meaning, style, grammar and other aspects. However good a single translator may be, once an error has crept in it may be impossible for the same person to see it – a second pair of eyes exposes mistakes. This also allows a finer treatment of the many different ways in which a single text can be translated. Translator and reviser can discuss the possibilities and agree on the optimal solution for the text in question depending on the client and the intended reading audience.


We should have a great fewer disputes in the world if words were taken for what they are, the signs of our ideas only, and not for things themselves. ~John Locke

Chicago Information

The population of Chicago's metropolitan area, which extends over several counties, contains over 9.7 million people in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, making it the third largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Rich in history and renowned for its innovative and influential architecture, Chicago is classified as an alpha world city.
The city's waterfront allure and nightlife has attracted residents and tourists alike. Over one-third of the city population is concentrated in the lakefront neighborhoods (from Rogers Park in the north to Hyde Park in the south). .


chicago Languages Breakdown: NATIVE SPEAKERS

0.5 percent of Chicagoans speak arabic

1.4 percent of Chicagoans speak chinese

2.2 percent of Chicagoans speak polish

24 percent of Chicagoans speak SPanish

35 percent of Chicagoans speak a language other than English at home

It's a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water. ~Franklin P. Jones

Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes


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